Beulah is where research and innovation meet design and culture. We create transformational spaces and experiences for present and future generations.


Beulah symbolises ‘a promised land’. Our vision is to deliver upon that promise.

From the beginning, we’re proud to have pioneered a refreshingly progressive approach to Melbourne’s property and lifestyle landscape, driven to bring about positive change for cities, communities and individuals.

In everything we undertake, Beulah is defined by civic-minded responsibility, rigorous research, global vision, innovative thinking, and a passion for design and culture.

From thoughtfully considered individual experiences to city-defining mixed-use developments, we challenge expectations across a range of sectors and with a single purpose: to create transformative spaces and experiences for today and tomorrow. We are collaborators. We are contributors. We are catalysts of change.

At Beulah, we are always learning and always growing, bridging the gap between thinking and doing through an active model of research and development.

The result? Creative spaces. Vertical cities. Places that endure. Experiences that inspire. This is our legacy.

Our People

Our people think outside the square, balancing an appreciation of design with proven commercial acumen.

We are social architects, thrill seekers, nature lovers and big thinkers – who also happen to be economists, designers, planners and development professionals. Our culture is one of pride and passion – we work hard, we support one another, and we are genuinely motivated to make a difference.

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Co-Founder + Executive Director

Adelene Teh

Senior Finance Manager

Ai Ling Tan

Digital + Technology Manager

Alan Chan

Delivery Principal

Alexei Simm

Social + Digital Marketing Coordinator

Amanda Soon

Design Coordinator

Andrew Cao

Assistant Development Manager

Ashleigh Ritchie

Executive Assistant to Executive Director + Office Manager

Baileigh Vaigafa

Project Director, Boutique Developments

Chris Hatcher

Creative Designer

Clara Yap

Senior Sales + Marketing Manager

Courtney Wong

Senior Group Accountant 

Emil Limansyah

Brand + Creative Manager

Iris Shum

General Manager – Finance

Jason Chan

Sales Manager

Jason Li

Co-Founder + Managing Director

Jiaheng Chan

Senior Finance Analyst

John Pierce

Sales Administrator

Kayla Jamieson

Senior Project Manager (Design)

Kimberly Lau

People + Culture Advisor

Matilda Bell-Wilcock

Accountant + Executive Assistant to MD

May Jet Chuah

Senior Accountant

Michael Koon Sun Wong

Project Presenter + Sales Host

Racheal Hunt

Head of Design

Rodelle Lee

Investment Manager

Rio Guo

Head of People + Culture | Operations Management

Saskia Berngruber

Project Coordinator

Sean Bryant

Marketing Manager

Shehzeen Pottachira

General Counsel + Head of Commercial

Zoran Trimcevski

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Our Partners

We believe great collaboration leads to great outcomes. That’s why we work closely with highly respected architects, designers and a wide range of future-focused professionals. They all bring invaluable local expertise with international experience to the table.

Award-winning, forward-thinking and industry-leading – we are proud to be associated with all of our partners.