Beulah joins
Cera Stribley
for International
Women’s Day
Cera Stribley’s International Women’s Day Event

Cera Stribley’s International Women’s Day Event
Beulah to be guest panelist

8 March

We’re thrilled to announce that Beulah Executive Director Adelene Teh will be a panelist at Cera Stribley’s International Women’s Day Event on March 8.

This year’s IWD theme focuses on advocating for a world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world that’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive – where difference is valued and celebrated. Through this event, Cera Stribley seeks to celebrate women’s achievements, take action to drive gender parity, and forge women’s equality in business. 

It will be an evening of filled with great company, delectable refreshments and inspiring conversation between an inimitable panel of pioneering women in the realms of design, property, fashion and lifestyle.


Cera Stribley is one of Australia’s leading architecture firms and has worked with Beulah on the upcoming Commercial Road and Izett Street project in Prahran. We’re honoured to be partaking in such an insightful event and look forward to hearing from the other female panelists!

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