Naoshima + Teshima City Guide
With Beulah's Creative Designer

In everything Beulah undertakes, we are defined by civic-minded responsibility, rigorous research, global vision, innovative thinking and a passion for design and culture. We frequently look to a range of industry and thought leaders to share their thinking, insights and perspectives, often drawn from lived experiences. 

With a wealth of inspiration and rich storytelling at our fingertips, we share this with you by way of our Beulah City Guides Series, an exploration of cities around the world, through the eyes of compelling industry and thought leaders.

Clara Yap is Beulah’s big picture visual thinker. Her expertise lies in all things creative, in particular, she thrives on understanding what makes people tick and how a relationship can be forged between the visual element and the viewer. 

As Creative Designer, Clara works closely with our marketing team to create memorable and engaging designs and campaigns for various branding touchpoints across print and digital. Her passion for creativity extends beyond the Beulah office too – on weekends you can find her illustrating, creating hand letter typography, or commissioning artwork.

Clara’s city guide takes us to the awe-inspiring Japan Art Islands, specifically Naoshima and Teshima, located in the Set Inland Sea. Join Clara as she explores her favourite art installations and museums, as well as her top tips to best experience the art islands.