Biophilic Art to Bloom
on future STH BNK By Beulah site

The former BMW site in Southbank is set to bloom into a biophilic oasis, with Melbourne-based artist George Rose represented by Juddy Roller set to transform the rooftop into a large-scale mural of Australian natives.

Commissioned by Beulah Foundation, Beulah’s philanthropic arm, the artwork aspires to promote art, well-being and sustainability, while advancing culture in and around the City of Melbourne.

The concept for the mural focuses on rejuvenating the current site’s urbanscape and will be complementary to the eye-catching Atong Atem mural that adorns the exterior of Hanover House, with both sites celebrating local female artists.

“The vibrant piece commissioned by the Foundation adds colour and life to the area, aspiring to bring joy to workers, residents and visitors, especially those in surrounding tall towers who will be able to enjoy the rooftop mural daily. It helps to spark imagination of the integration of life and biophilia with the future built environment, enhancing the connection between people and nature in cities.” said Beulah Executive Director Adelene Teh.