Revealing the truths and myths
of apartment living
Revealing the truths and myths

Revealing the truths and myths
Apartment living with Samantha Reece

The long held ‘Australian dream’ of a large home and backyard is evolving, according to a nationwide survey by the Australian Apartment Advocacy.

The study undercovered 93 percent of apartment owners people are satisfied with the lifestyle that comes with multi-residential living.

However, the same research revealed that approximately 60 per cent of Australians, while interested, were uncertain about making the move to apartment living, particularly for those looking to move from a large house.

To address these concerns and answer questions, such as ‘Why do 10 million Australians choose apartment living?’, Beulah International has partnered with the Director of the Australian Apartment Advocacy, Samatha Reece.

Hosting an engaging and informative event at the Provenance Camberwell display in December, Samantha, alongside Beulah, answered questions, revealing the truths and myths surrounding multi-residential living.

Attended by current apartment owners and prospective purchasers alike, the empowering session allowed the ground to leave with greater insight into the beauty of apartments.


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