Beulah + Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors
deliver signature Fawkner House

A sculptural vision for an exclusive domain, the award-winning project Fawkner House is an exploration of legacy and a display of true progressive design.

Taking inspiration from Le Corbusier’s 1954 chapel Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp, France, for its combination of organic mass, distinctive form and diversity of space, the result is not only architecturally striking but a healthy building too, with acoustics, air quality and sustainability all carefully considered from the outset; these principles of utmost importance to Creative Director, Rob Mills.

“There are many reasons we are fond of curves in our work, but the most prevalent is the way energy and light naturally flows when intersections are rounded and softened. It leads to less shadows, and light is obviously something else we’re known for in our designs,” said Rob.