Fawkner House May 2021
Construction Update

We are thrilled to share that Fawkner House’s stunning façade can now be seen in its entirety from Fawkner Park, following the removal of the scaffolding last week.

The lobby is now truly coming to life, with the installation of stunning polished plaster walls. Applied in multiple coasts by skilled artisans using specialist trowels, the lobby now boasts remarkable natural lime-based walls and ceiling finishes designed to replicate the organic beauty of the polished natural stone slab sprawling across the entry.

A focal point of the lobby, the Calacatta Viola marble adds depth with its shades of classic burgundy, timeless white and refined grey, with thick, flowing veins enchanting the eyes. Painting of the basement has now been completed, with the flooring being finalised in the next week.

Apartments on the ground floor and Level 2 are now nearing completion, with defect inspections taking place in the next couple of weeks, as well as final paint touch-ups and a final clean, leaving the apartment spotless and welcoming for residents to move in.

We look forward to bringing you more updates on Fawkner House this year as we approach the finish line.