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Brunswick is a thriving creative and environmentally-conscious pocket of Melbourne and it will soon be home to our newest project, an eco-conscious and locally-considered townhomes project. Teaming up with leaders in social and sustainable architecture, Six Degrees Architects, to deliver a collection of 23 low-rise, eco-sustainably best in class townhomes targeting carbon-neutral, that will consciously seek to retain the existing heritage facade on-site and add immense value to the precinct through community-focused, biophilic design and ecologically sustainable materials.

23 Hodgson Street, Brunswick

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  • True heritage character integrating old and new
  • 23 ecologically sustainable two storey townhouses
  • Inspired by traditional London Mews design
  • Private and secure townhome community
  • Flexible and customisable floorplans
  • All-electric townhomes
  • Connection to nature: private courtyards, edible gardens and rooftop spaces
  • Brunswick’s most significant townhome project in the last 5 years
  • First-of-its-kind heritage townhomes in Brunswick to implement circular living at scale

Artist Impression | Hodgson Street Heritage Facade

Brunswick Established emerges as the first heritage townhome community designed for circular living in Brunswick. This groundbreaking venture marks Brunswick’s most significant townhome development in the last five years, offering a revolutionary concept of ‘a home that grows with you.’ Understanding the significance of a home purchase, the project empowers residents to tailor their living spaces to their current life stage while anticipating future needs. Beulah’s vision is to forge transformative spaces for both present and future generations, underpinned by a steadfast commitment to creating enduring homes. 

Behind the preserved façade of an existing industrial building, Brunswick Established offers 23 thoughtfully crafted two, three, and four-bedroom townhomes. Meticulously designed by Six Degrees Architects, these dwellings seamlessly blend heritage character with contemporary design. Using up to 80% recycled timber and brickwork, the townhomes reflect a strong commitment to social and sustainable design. Each home embodies authenticity, luxury, and neighbourhood pride, with interiors meticulously planned to maximise natural light and fresh air. 

“Brunswick Established is an exemplar of heritage, community and environmental sustainability and we believe this project will contribute to the surrounding community for years to come”
– Peter Malatt, Founding director, Six Degrees Architects

Artist Impression | Mews Laneway Townhome

Artist Impression | Private Courtyard

Pioneering circular living on a grand scale, Brunswick Established sets a new benchmark for sustainable urban dwelling. Anchored on the principles of circularity, this development champions sustainability at every juncture: eliminating waste and pollution, prolonging the lifespan of products and materials, and regenerating natural ecosystems. Residents are poised to benefit from an edible garden and composting amenities, fostering a self-sustaining lifestyle. Beyond redefining sustainable habitation, this project nurtures a thriving ecosystem within Brunswick’s vibrant core. Drawing inspiration from the allure of London mews, Brunswick Established fosters a microcosm within the urban fabric, with verdant laneways softened by lush foliage from Hansen Partnership. 

Artist Impression | Living area with private courtyard

Nurturing a profound sense of community and well-being, both the architecture and design, inside and out, have been meticulously crafted to engender spaces that enhance the quality of life. Offering adaptable living arrangements, the townhomes feature diverse typologies to cater to varying lifestyle needs, including ground-floor bedrooms for accessibility and detached studio spaces nestled within tranquil courtyards. 

“Real care has gone into making sure that we keep so much of what is great about what the site is already making it futureproof for generations to come”
– Amy Hall, Associate, Six Degrees Architects

The reception to Brunswick Established has been resoundingly positive, with 65% of the townhomes sold on the first day of launch. The development’s core tenets—sustainability, customisation, and expansive living—have struck a resonant chord with buyers, reaffirming Beulah’s steadfast commitment to delivering premium, future-proofed residences. 

Positioned to become an architectural legacy for Brunswick, Brunswick Established offers a collection of homes destined to be cherished for generations to come. 

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