Southbank by Beulah
Receives Council Approval

A major planning milestone was achieved in March with the City of Melbourne’s Future Melbourne Committee unanimously endorsing the planning application for Southbank by Beulah.

A true vertical village, the project is of unprecedented scale, drawing together leading figures in international design and cultural placemaking to shape a world-class development that will set a new benchmark in the livable city and civic experience.

Set to transform Melbourne’s skyline, the UNStudio and Cox Architecture design is the outcome of Beulah’s pre-eminent design competition.

Following the Future Melbourne committee meeting earlier this month, Lord Mayor Sally Cap highlighted the exceptional accessibility and pedestrian thoroughfare benefits of the proposal – especially the creation of a thoroughfare for pedestrians from City Road, through the site and Freshwater Place and the river.

“I think that those sorts of ways of providing accessibility through what could otherwise be viewed as fortresses in the sky, are really important and they do add considerably […] to the sense of vibrancy and human activity.”

Councillor Rohan Leppert also added, “I think the thought that has gone into the ground plane and the multistory activation – with the public access not just to the ground floor but further up the fragmented podium if you like – of the building is brilliantly well thought through.”

As this project comes to life, visit to stay up to date.

FMC Unanimous Support