Architect, Developer, Dreamer, Ground Breaker!
An entrepreneurial spirit

It was a pleasure to see one of our Directors, Adelene Teh, recognised in the media for her entrepreneurial spirit and career success to date. Adelene was recently interviewed by Women’s Agenda and The Urban Developer, as well as featured on The Real Estate Conversation.

A similar theme runs through each article, with Adelene discussing topics such as her inspirations and mentors, why she continually pushes the boundaries and the importance of balance in both career and life.

Being a female leader in an industry that is often dominated by males can sometimes be difficult, but it’s evident throughout each interview that Adelene believes in herself and the overarching vision Beulah has.

If you would like to read the interviews, they can be found here on Women’s Agenda and The Urban Developer.

Adelene Teh