Beulah’s insights on COVID-19’s property impact
With The Urban Developer

With the impacts of COVID-19 felt by every corner of the world in 2020, much of Australia’s development, real estate, and construction industries are no exemption.

In early May, Beulah Executive Director, Adelene Teh joined The Urban Developer’s virtual conference discussing “what COVID-19 is teaching each developer about property, business, and life”.

With struggles being faced in the wider property development, including business cuts, construction delays, and interruption to workflow, Adelene shed some light on Beulah’s key takeaway during this time, that “time is a luxury”.

Given recent changes to the way the world operates — with staff all remotely working from home — the team is noticing an increase in relaxation, improved work-life integration, and time saved from travel.

Other benefits include improved efficiency and focus for staff who can attend to home and personal matters between work tasks allowing them to be better centred when working, no longer having their mind worry about other things as they traditionally would when in the office.

“To be able to have the luxury of time, to spend time with your loved ones, to work within a comfortable environment is a huge realisation right now,” Adelene said.

To discover how Beulah is ensuring business continues in the current climate, read the full article here.