Scott Pickett
Higher Order Immersive Dining Experience

Higher Order Immersive Dining Experience
Featuring Scott Pickett

An unmissable immersive dining experience, featuring a tasting menu by Scott Pickett of Longrain, Matilda and Estelle.

A multi-sensory experience of design, performance and food, Higher Order takes you deep into another realm where scent, sound and taste merge in an Asiatic-inspired culinary hallucination.

Not your usual dinner party, Higher Order extends far beyond the commonplace and veers into the fantastical where Pickett’s menu is complemented by an ethereal world of immersive design, art, performance, lighting, installations and signature cocktails for extraordinary nights of gustatory brilliance and ceremony.

Higher Order featuring a tasting menu by Scott Pickett

Higher Order featuring a tasting menu by Scott Pickett

Restaurateur and chef Scott Pickett, the culinary master behind Longrain, Matilda, Estelle, Chancery Lane, Le Shoppe, Pastore and Pickett’s Deli, will take Melburnians on a once-in-a-lifetime gastronomic adventure at STH BNK By Beulah’s Hanover House.

A glorious collision of dining, futuristic design and theatrical performance, Higher Order is not your usual dinner party; diners will be treated to an evocative and multi-sensory dining experience that merges scent, sound and taste into an unmissable culinary hallucination.


Higher Order will offer 2 x 90 minute sessions per evening at 6pm and 8:30pm. Tickets are priced from $148 with sessions running from November 10 to December 19 on Wednesday through to Sunday. To purchase tickets or to find out more, please visit Higher Order on BETA By STH BNK.


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