Fawkner House Featured in The Local Project
A testament to the success of its sculptural vision

Beulah’s sculptural zion Fawkner House has been featured in The Local Project – an architectural and design hub with a respected voice in the construction and design industry. 

The development, which was designed by famed Melbourne architect Rob Mills, has rapidly established itself as a radical yet refined addition to the prestigious corner framing Toorak Rd and Fawkner Park.

Inspired by Le Corbusier’s revered Colline Notre Dame Du Haut which is one of the most famous modernist Chapels in Europe, Fawkner House sits suitably amongst neighbours of similar grand proportions and overall scale.

In an area of Melbourne where large-scale historical homes sit comfortably with avant garde buildings, Fawkner House adds to the visual appeal and diverse nature of Toorak. 

Fawkner House expectedly garnered a lot of media attention and The Local Project’s stand alone article is a testament to the success of its sculptural vision.