Home to Australia’s largest, most efficient, vertical solar panel system
Paragon Queen Street

Beulah is thrilled to announce that our boundary-pushing CBD tower, Paragon, will be home to Australia’s largest, most efficient vertical solar panel system, set to outperform other buildings that have installed similar systems.

Boasting 128 panels spanning an impressive 158m2, the 42kW system is installed on the core walls of Paragon and outperforms similar developments in terms of emission reduction, cost reduction and green energy sustainability.

Beulah appointed b.energy to be responsible for the design construction, operations and maintenance from its invested capital to integrate renewables into the building aesthetics, to maximise renewable electricity production, to abate carbon emissions, to reduce common property costs and to indirectly reduce owners corporation fees levied to residents.

With this in mind, b.energy led a verticality renewables strategy, which is unique to high rise buildings and recognised as the largest implementation of its kind in Melbourne.

This strategy resulted in the vertical installation and operation of the system, comprising 128 Trina Solar HoneyBlack 325W monocrystalline module to generate c30MWh and make efficient use of the latent building lift core and fluid dampening tanks options amidst constrained rooftop building services space.

The recent addition to the luxury tower is important in ensuring we continue our journey towards sustainable developments with reduced carbon footprints.

The utilisation of the towers vacant space is not only innovative but is also an attractive value-add that differentiates the towers embedded renewables offering which, in turn, is an enticing cost-saving to prospective residents and the OC.

By engaging b.energy on the feasibility and delivery of the system, Beulah has succeeded in recognising our vision of creating a sustainable, smart, aesthetically pleasing development that will reduce carbon emissions for the environment.

Due to be home to 227 residences, Paragon is set to transform Melbourne’s skyline with its striking exterior the result of a dynamic collaboration with one of Australia’s best architecture firms, Fender Katsalidis.

Bound by an elegant pattern on its distinct blue and gold glass façade, the base of the tower also provides instant intrigue at street level, with the heritage exterior of the previous building meticulously restored to its former glory.

Paragon is due for completion within the next month.