Paragon November 2020
Construction Update

As the year draws to a close, Paragon’s progress continues to pick up momentum as the finish line draws ever nearer for this head-turning residential development.

The stunning Celtic inspired champagne exterior façade is now complete up to Level 47 with only a couple floors left to go! The speedy interior lifts are now up and running allowing for the removal of the external Alimak lift – an exciting stage as the rest of the façade can be installed and the last apartments on each floor can be completed.

Turning our attention to the crown jewel of Paragon, the amenities spaces, the grand scale of these beautiful spaces is becoming ever more apparent as works continue progressing swiftly!

The custom Terrazzo flooring has been poured to the Indoor Forest entry and the mature trees installed allowing the last of the landscaping and water feature installation to begin shortly.

In the library the parquetry flooring has commenced and timber woodform batons installed along the walls to create what will be an incredible space to study or work.

Furthermore in the Level 5 lounge, the opulent stonework surrounding the open fireplace has been completed, giving a glimpse of the grandeur that will be apparent in the amenities spaces upon completion in the near future!