Work from home
Essential gadgets for productivity

Beulah Managing Director, Jiaheng Chan, recently sat down with the Australian Financial Review to discuss the latest tech advice that’s facilitating his productivity working from home lately.

From an ergonomic home office set-up to prevent body aches and pains, to finding a place for virtual reality systems in the modern work environment.

Jiaheng also spoke to the importance of encouraging constant communication between colleagues who can easily lose touch working from isolated home offices.

“It is also vital to keep in touch with your team to maintain seamless task visibility, collaboration and social interaction – team culture and productivity should remain as unchanged as possible.

“Investing in and adopting strong virtual communication and cloud-based task-management tools (such as Asana, Instagantt and Microsoft Teams) ensures seamless visibility and productivity while working remotely. We have been using Asana since day one and vouch for this platform to maintain organisation and workloads individually and as a team.”

For those already considering what their next holiday destination will be once travel bans are lifted, Jiaheng also listed the two international locations are at the very top of his list.

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