BETA x Melbourne Fashion Festival

BETA x Melbourne Fashion Festival
Fashion Cultural Program

3 - 11 March

BETA By STH BNK is a proud participant in the 2023 PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Fashion Culture Program. Held at BETA By STH BNK, Hanover House (158 City Rd, Southbank VIC), the festival offers a bespoke selection of diverse events unique to the event. The Fashion Culture Program celebrates Fashion’s presence in culture through a myriad of workshops, open studios, performances, runways, screenings and more.



8-10 MARCH 2023, 12pm – 2pm

The Future From Waste lab is a disruptive, experimental fashion and retail space that turns textile waste into want through washing, dyeing, cutting, sewing and selling. Facilitated by BETA by STH BNK, and creative directed by KITX, the Lab works with iconic labels with a sustainable focus to create small runs of garments and accessories entirely from waste.

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Circular innovation club Meet up
8 MARCH 2023, 6pm – 8pm

BETA By STH BNK’s Future From Waste Lab will host Into Carry’s monthly Circular Innovation Club meet up. This casual, open discussion invites like-minded businesses to unpack some of the most pressing issues we collectively face, including sustainability, circularity and building community to achieve the common goal of reducing our collective impact on the planet.

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Conscious fashion market
11 MARCH 2023, 1pm – 6pm

Join us for a community fashion market that celebrates conscious designers and discover items that champion responsible and ethical methods of production.

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Making and dyeing paper cloth
4 MARCH 2023, 2pm – 5pm

In this hands-on demonstration and workshop, Craft invites participants to join DNJ Paper at Level 4 of Hanover House to discover how they turn a sheet of paper into a luxurious dyed cloth using natural dyes.

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