WasteFest at Melbourne Fashion Week

WasteFest at Melbourne Fashion Week
Reinforces That Upcycling Is The New Normal

10-15 October

BETA By STH BNK pioneers the reimagination of a radically sustainable future, where the definition of fashion and retail experience is explored to its limits. In participation with Melbourne Fashion Week’s Independent Program, Beulah is partnering with fashion savant Kit Willow and ‘Artclub’ by Heidi Middleton to present BETA’s Future From Waste Lab event, ‘Wastefest.’ 

The five day event running from October 10th-15th will showcase four emerging designers: Amber Kennedy, Lilli McKenzie, Paulina Zamorano and Carol Yang, who will occupy the Future From Waste Lab, an experimental retail and design space. The Project Runway-style event will see the designers tasked with creating a head-to-toe outfit within the time limitations of one week. The dynamic foursome will be challenged to utilise and reinterpret post-consumer textiles and waste into brand new garments in a retail context.

Reducing carbon emissions and environmental protection and rehabilitation are concepts that play heavily into the future planning of both the fashion and property industry. The 2022 Melbourne Fashion Week is more focused on sustainability than ever before, and ‘Wastefest’ is leading the charge with this innovative activation showcasing the detrimental impact of fast fashion on the environment. Beulah is proudly contributing to ‘sustainability’ rhetoric surrounding MFW and has secured press in Broadsheet, Timeout and Fashion Journal about Wastefest.

The ideology of ‘sustainability’ is at the forefront of the conceptual event. The post-consumer and unwanted garments used in the project are sourced from a Melbourne-based recycling centre, Upparel; and are laundered with natural and plant-based cleaning brand Koala Eco, and washed in eco-friendly white goods donated by E&S.

Paulina Zamorano

Lilli McKenzie

Carol Yang

Amber Kennedy

Wastefest Open Studios

Throughout the experience, the emerging designers will receive mentoring by leading Australian designers and pioneers in sustainable fashion, Kit Willow and Heidi Middleton, with support from the team on-site from Future From Waste Lab.

“Besides buying less, buying better and loving longer,” says Kit Willow, founder of sustainable luxury designer brand KITX, “buying high-frequency wear fashion is the golden rule when looking to spruce up your wardrobe.”

Avoid petrochemical fibres such as nylon and polyester, which Willow refers to as a “lose-lose” fibre. 

“Stay away from them,” she says, “because when they’re created, these plastic fibres release nitrous oxide (which is 300 times more toxic than carbon dioxide); when you wash them, they release micro-particles into our waterways; and then, if they’re ever discarded, they never break down and continue to release methane gases into the atmosphere.”

To bring awareness of the impacts of fast fashion on the environment into the mainstream, Beulah, Willow and Middleton have created the Future From Waste Lab to help educate the public.

“Because if you don’t know, you don’t care. And if you don’t care, you don’t change,” Willow says.

To bring awareness of the impacts of fast fashion on the environment into the mainstream, Beulah, Willow and Middleton have created the Future From Waste Lab to help educate the public.


To register for a free ticket to ‘Wastefest’ Open Studio or Wrap Party at BETA By STH BNK, please visit sthbnk.com/event/wastefest

Registrations are open now. Tickets are limited.


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