How will we grow an indoor urban forest?
An interview with Create Digital

At a time when many industries are reeling from the current economic crisis, our first CBD project, Paragon, continues to break the mould, breathing new life into the city’s construction landscape.

An exemplary lifestyle masterpiece, ambitious design and visionary technology come together in harmony to create a transformative statement of boutique skyrise living on the corner of La Trobe and Queen Streets.

Gracing Melbourne’s skyline, while paying homage to the site’s historical significance as the former Celtic Club, Paragon’s defining feature is its three-story urban forest, with mature trees, leafy canopies and a climbing garden – a showcase of superb biophilic design and promotion of greenery and nature in high-rise developments.

Understanding that bringing to life a world-class precinct of this calibre is no easy feat, the team at Create Digital (Engineers Australia industry platform) spoke with Beulah Senior Development Manager, Luke Thornton, to discuss the challenges and unique approach taken to deliver one of the country’s most sought-after developments.

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PAR Amenities Indoor Forest