Reimagining Future Retail Spaces

A Digital Talk Series Exploring the Future of Retail

Consumer demands are changing at a rapid pace, yet the places where we shop no longer cater to this deep-seated desire for holistic experiences. What does the future retail space need to look and perform like to be relevant to future customers, brands and property owners? This was explored, workshopped, explained and discussed through a series of questions by leading international architectural studios, thought leaders and Beulah, in a webinar hosted by international design authority FRAME Magazine. 

The virtual discussions are part of BETA By STH BNK, a launchpad for Beulah’s groundbreaking STH BNK By Beulah, a project of an unprecedented scale for Melbourne, drawing together leading figures in international design and placemaking to create a world-class, multi-use development that sets a benchmark in liveable city design.

A free digital event series in two parts, ‘Reimagining Future Retail Spaces’ was the first event of the ‘NEXT X NOW: Exploring The Future of Retail’ talk series which featured an impressive line-up at the forefront of global retail design. NEXT X NOW paves the way forward in rewriting retail design codes for a new generation of consumers. Bringing together physical and digital, art and technology, design and data, NEXT X NOW proposes bold ideas for new forms of dining, wellness and fashion.

Bringing together physical and digital, art and technology, design and data, NEXT X NOW proposes bold ideas for new forms of dining, wellness and fashion.

Leading International Retail Experts for Part One


Leading Architectural Studios for Part Two

This revolutionary talk series teased out what the complexities of a data-rich future mean for retail and asked the big questions: What role do physical spaces play in a virtual world? How do we balance the need for human contact with seemingly limitless technology? Where do sustainability, diversity and creativity fit into the picture? What will serve customers’ needs and what won’t?

The first discussion, which took place in April, featured leading international retail experts who canvassed some of the current trends and consumer needs shaping the future of retail design. To name a few, the likes of Adidas Global Design Director Jelle Sapulete, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Axel Arigato, Neil Sharman, working with leading brands in their field including Burberry, Nike and Dunhill are among the trailblazers highlighted.

The second and final discussion in May picked up where the first left off, inviting representatives from leading architectural studios from around the world to put forward radical retail design solutions the extend beyond the limits of the traditional brick-and-mortar model. Each day, an architectural studio from the likes of March Studio, Sybarite, ciguë, Brinkworth and Schemata Architects, will explore ideas and opportunities as it relates to reimaginging future retail spaces.

The possibilities are, as they say, endless, which promised for an exciting discussion that will inspire your mind and stretch your imagination. For anyone interested in the intersection of architecture, design and retail, please watch all the session recordings below.





Session 1  |  March Studios


Session 2  |  Sybarite


Session 3  |  Brinkworth


Session 4  |  CIGUÉ


Session 5  |  Schemata architects



BETA By STH BNK is a revolutionary testing area to explore the future of retail space, programming and new business models and is designed to give Melburnians a feel for what can be expected as part of Beulah’s transformative and visionary mini-metropolis, STH BNK By Beulah.

BETA By STH BNK invites the public to participate in a series of live and ongoing experiments exploring the future of spaces outside traditional brick and mortar limits. Experiential and immersive, these unique and innovative events transcend expectations to reimagine a radically sustainable future, redefining luxury for a new generation.



Here at Beulah, our projects are driven by investigating thinking and the pursuit for design and research innovation. Through these insights, we create transformational spaces and experience for present and future generations.

We transform this thinking into action for STH BNK By Beulah.


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