NEXT x NOW: Exploring The Future Of Retail
featuring global leaders in retail and design

What will the retail environments of tomorrow look like to keep pace with the ever-changing demand? Will they be modular and multifunctional in design, flexible and radically sustainable in their thinking, and how will physical and virtual realities intersect? These questions will be explored in the coming months as global leaders in retail and design, from Adidas and Axel Arigato to Dunhill and IKEA, converge to present a revolutionary talk series, NEXT X NOW: Exploring The Future of Retail.

Launching in April, the NEXT X NOW talk series will extend through 2022 and beyond; it aims to take forward-thinking ideas off the page to look beyond the current way of doing and pave the way forward, rewriting retail design codes for a new generation of consumers. Bringing together physical and digital, art and technology, design and data, NEXT X NOW will propose bold ideas for new forms of dining, wellness and fashion that fall outside current retail limitations.