BETA By STH BNK in The Australian’s Top 100 Innovators
for Future From Waste Lab

Beulah’s BETA By STH BNK has been recognised on the national stage as one of the Top 100 Innovators of 2022, as awarded by The Australian, for our Future From Waste Lab initiative. In collaboration with fashion trailblazer Kit Willow, Founder of KITX, Future From Waste Lab seeks to shed light on the fashion life cycle by repurposing existing apparel on-site, extending the life cycle of used garments and creatively reinterpreting waste.

The Australian’s Top 100 Innovators identifies founders and future makers that are actively shaping Australia’s economy through the lens of innovation that drives Australia forward. Amid an increasingly uncertain economic, environmental and geopolitical landscape, Beulah’s BETA By STH BNK Future From Waste Lab has been selected as notable players building the foundations of a sustainable future and inspiring the rest of the nation to challenge the status quo.

Elsewhere, the Future From Waste Lab was also recently featured in Vogue Australia, as its Creative Director Kit explores how the innovative method of reinventing clothing from the past and redefining our perception of waste, could be the key to the future of fashion. 

Read more about BETA By STH BNK’s Future From Waste Lab here and its potential to spark change across the fashion industry.