Talking Trash with Kit Willow
Featured in The Australian

Prolific Australian designer and sustainability advocate Kit Willow was recently interviewed and featured in The Australian, where the creative genius spoke to the importance of embracing the philosophy of circularity in fashion, and her role with BETA By STH BNK’s Future From Waste Lab.

Created to shed light on the improvident fashion life cycle, Future From Waste Lab repurposes existing apparel on-site, extending the life cycle of used garments and creatively reinterpreting waste. BETA By STH BNK has collaborated with multiple Australian designers, including Willow, to uncover the end-to-end process of designing and producing pieces from repurposed clothing.

Willow, who is the project’s Creative Director, will lead more iconic local designers to explore the integration of fashion in the modern consumer retail experience.

“There’s just an enormous amount of fashion being discarded. And I looked at all of this and I thought, ‘We’ve got to use this, let’s turn this waste into a valuable commodity,” said Willow on the inspiration behind Future From Waste Lab.

BETA By STH BNK’s Future From Waste Lab provides a unique opportunity to explore and experiment with the future of sustainability in fashion, and will lay the foundations for what is possible as we look to instill this ethos as an integral part of STH BNK By Beulah, ongoing.

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